The global predictive maintenance market, including IoT-based remote monitoring of trains is expected to considerably increase in size between 2023 and 2030. While sized at 8.9 billion Euros in 2023, the market is projected to reach the size of 60.3 billion Euros by 2030.


2024 Agenda





Ben Holliday | Managing Director | Rotaia Media (Organiser)
& Daniel MacGregor | Co-Founder | Nexxiot (Chairman)

Welcome Address


David Bisterfeld | Head of Strategy, Innovation Management & Technological Development | Deutsche Bahn

About IoT and building a perfect burger

  • How corporates tackle digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation
  • Why technology advancements only work with integrated collaboration models
  • What IoT means in terms of maximizing asset availability and reliability


Jude Carey | Head of Asset Management | Irish Rail

Our Asset Management System delivers – “Trusted Information at your fingertips”

  • Irish Rail Infrastructure has an ambition to be able to capture, manage and use data to inform decision making across the organization, by implementing in effect an Intelligent Asset Management system or “Digital Twin”
  • We require an integrated data set for our assets so that the right decisions can be made, at the right time and in the right location by the right people
  • The key principle is that data is captured/created ‘locally’ by the appropriate functional team but is also available for use ‘globally’ across the entire IÉIM enterprise though a “Trusted Digital Twin”


Dr. Uwe Jasnoch | Director EMEA for GTD | Hexagon

Digital Twins and the Digital Transformation of Rail

  • Digital Twins are real and getting traction
  • Show case by examples how them help improving efficiency
  • How digital Twins are linked to an Industrial Metaverse


Clara Grajal | Deputy Director Network Performance | Adif

Decoding criticality: the best way to know your assets and the path to digitalization. Critical Analysis

  • Classify Adif's assets based on their significance in achieving organizational objectives.
  • Practical application: case study on Madrid's C4 Commuter Line.
  • The path to digitalization: IoT and monitoring critical assets vs all the assets


Alan Dittrich | Head of Digital Solutions, Rail Drive Systems | ZF Group

ZF connect@rail – Benefits and challenges of a comprehensive condition monitoring solution for rail vehicles, components, and infrastructure

  • How connect@rail can increase efficiency, reliability, and safety in rail transportation
  • How to keep the wheels round and detect impacts on rail tracks with wireless sensors, gateways and analytics
  • What makes connect@rail even more beneficial for customers



Providing data and predictive analytics to operator’s mends breaks within that specific piece of the chain. If one part of the chain moves fluidly, then the potential for the entire chain to move fluidly is a lot higher.

  • What needs to happen to create an information-sharing program that would encourage all stake holders to share data with each other in order to combat supply chain disruptions and delays?
  • One key to advancing sustainable transportation is to digitally increase the capacity of rail systems with less resources. How can rail operators, maintainers and asset owners achieve this to enhance operations and improve maintenance?
  • How would the industry benefit from having open ecosystem for rail systems that includes customers and partners with the overall goal of integrating all assets?


  • David Bisterfeld | Head of Strategy, Innovation Management & Technological Development | Deutsche Bahn
  • George Copeland | Digital Programme Manager | Northern Rail
  • Mike McClellan | Senior Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer | Norfolk Southern Corporation
  • Gerhard Paal | Head of Digital Services Sales | Siemens Mobility Customer Services
  • Maurizio Giovannelli | Global Railway Director | SKF
  • Manuel Simon | Sales Director | Cemit


Morning Refreshments in the Networking & Exhibition Area


Andreas Hornich| Head of IT Data Management | ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG

Data-led transformation of OEBB-Infrastructure

  • Challenges of OEBB-Infrastructure data management
  • Building data management capabilities from scratch
  • Success stories and next steps on the data management journey


Christoph Schulze | Head of Data Analytics | voestalpine Digital Track Management GmbH

Turning Asset Data into Value - Prescriptive Maintenance using digitized infrastructure

  • Intelligent assets
  • Analytics
  • Life cycle asset management


Paul van der Voort | Programmamanager, Head of DataLab | ProRail

Artificial intelligence at ProRail

  • Overview of AI-based innovations
  • Examples of new ways of monitoring, predictive models and generative AI cases.
  • The innovation process and adaptation in the organization.


Gerhard Paal | Head of Digital Services Sales | Siemens Mobility Customer Services

Seamless Train IT Solutions supported by Railigent X

  • Digital Train Solutions to help operators, maintainers, and asset owners to enhance passenger experience
  • The core of these solutions is the seamless integration of on-train IT with wayside systems
  • IT Care services will maintain Digital Train Solutions over the life time of rail assets


Luca Cuppari | Technical Director | Norske Tog

CBM implementation in Norway

  • Norske Togs role in the Norwegian railways
  • Fleet strategy and asset management
  • Data architecture and responsibility


Maximilian Eichhorn | Vice President & Global Head, Digital Products & Services | Knorr-Bremse Rail Vehicle Systems

Digital Products & Services – a major lever to enhance safety, increase availability and reduce cost

  • Connectivity and digitalization enable totally new products and services
  • Digital products and services provide additional value to both operators and OEMs as well to their customers
  • Examples and concrete benefits


Lunch in the Networking & Exhibition Area


Marco Pagani | Head of Asset Management | BLS Cargo

Stability vs. Evolution: Finding the Right Track for Innovation in Rail

  • Stable Requirements: The Backbone of Reliable Rail Operations
  • ERTMS: Syncing Evolution with Implementation
  • Future-Proofing Rail: Adding Modularity


Babette Müller-Reichenwallner | CRO | Railnova

Time to get serious! How to build a sustainable digital strategy

  • How to achieve data sovereignty
  • How to manage interfaces
  • How to ensure success


George Copeland | Digital Programme Manager | Northern Rail
& Marc Silverwood | Digital Trains Programme Lead | Northern Rail.

Digital trains – a moving target

  • Onboard asset monitoring
  • Off train asset monitoring
  • Northern’s maintenance and support toolkit


Ivan Rochford | Digital Train Manager | SKF

How digitalisation is unlocking new opportunities for rail operators

  • Role of digitalisation in an active supply chain
  • Digitalization is driving carbon footprint reduction – right or wrong
  • Solutions in action at rail operators


James Heslop | Head of Strategy | Transformational Strategy Development | Network Rail

Full Steam Ahead: Exploring the Power of IoT and Big Data in Railways

  • IoT's Impact on Railways
  • Leveraging Big Data for Railway Advancements
  • Future Prospects and Challenges


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Pedro Conceição | CBM Technical Sales Consultant | Nomad Digital
Florian Kittelmann | Mobility Orchestration Director | Alstom

IoT & data innovation in Rail for smarter, sustainable mobility

  • Efficient Operations and Maintenance for Smart Asset Management
  • Enhanced Passenger Experience
  • Increased Fleet Reliability & Availability


Alex Pavlickovski | Head of Asset Intelligence and Digital | V/Line

Telling Compelling Stories Using Data

  • Organisational culture is the cornerstone of digital transformation
  • What is the point of data if you can’t tell stories?
  • We have all this data, what do we do with it?


Dr Jonathan Birch | Technical Director | Instrumentel

Converting Insight to Action Through Engagement

  • Integrate advanced analytics into everyday tasks
  • Enable people to make better decisions
  • Understand when, how and why to intervene


Achim Leister | Head of Stationary Diagnostic Systems | DB Cargo

AI-based utilization of high-resolution camera images in rail freight

  • High resolution camera images provide a significant benefit for rail freight
  • The amount of data cannot be managed manually and requires an enhanced utilization strategy
  • AI methods provide a tremendous opportunity for the improvement of condition monitoring and the provision of additional services for end customers


Dr Viktor Ratza | Technical Director | Vossloh RailWatch GmbH

AI-driven Wayside Monitoring of rolling stock: Use cases to improve operations in harbours as well as industrial and conventional networks

  • RailWatch as Wayside Monitoring solution for different use cases
  • Using various sensor technologies and AI for rolling stock analysis
  • Vossloh Connect: One platform, many solutions for the railway infrastructure


Thibaut Goelff | Innovation, Digitization & Data Officer | Infrabel

The Future of Railways (continued)

  • IoT and AI at Infrabel: a few use cases
  • Data Centricity: how are we becoming data-centric at Infrabel
  • One specific use case about Condition Based Monitoring


Jarek Rosinski | CEO & Founder | Transmission Dynamics and Jenny Hudson | Business Development Director | Transmission Dynamics

Trains with Brains® - Redefining rail infrastructure and rolling stock monitoring and maintenance regimes

  • Train borne infrastructure and asset monitoring solutions
  • AI/ML supported condition monitoring, data analysis and predictive maintenance
  • Real-life case studies of how Trains with Brains® is revolutionising the rail sector globally



Intelligent Infrastructure Programmes are now key to future performance improvements achieved through new digital and innovative technologies.

  • However, how do we create better centralised databases which gives teams more transparency to the data to plan what, where and when to act?
  • What are the challenges in sharing ‘prime’ data; the data that can be trusted to offer users actionable insights? What barriers need to be broken to achieve this?
  • Having disparate systems and parties who are responsible for different parts of the infrastructure network (from switches and heating systems) is arguable a very fragmented approach which may lead to inefficiencies. How do we create a single, scalable system that gives real-time access of all data to all users to offer valuable operational insight?


  • James Heslop | Head of Strategy | Transformational Strategy Development | Network Rail
  • Clara Grajal | Deputy Director Network Performance | Adif
  • Thibaut Goelff | Innovation, Digitization & Data Officer | Infrabel
  • Michael Berndorfer | Senior Account Manager EAM | Hexagon
  • Krzysztof Wilczek | Head of Track Analytics | Plasser & Theurer
  • Christoph Schulze | Head of Data Analytics | Voestalpine Digital Track Management GmbH


Daniel MacGregor | Co-Founder | Nexxiot

Chairman’s Closing Comments


Drinks Reception in the Networking & Exhibition Area


Networking Gala Dinner in the Conference Hall


End of Day 1

Day 2


Jonas Podszuweit | Manager for IoT & Analytics Railway Technology | Deutsche Bahn and Dr. Konstantin Jonas | Senior Manager Data and Analytics, Head of DB360 | Deutsche Bahn

IoT & Analytics in Railway Technology at Deutsche Bahn AG

  • Successful implementations from research to production
  • Practical examples of overarching IoT approaches
  • Methods and implementations


Simon Giovanazzi | CEO | infraView GmbH, Part of DB E.C.O. Group

X2BIM and Digital Twin – end-to-end approach for digital infrastructure data

  • Methods of data capturing and standardized processing by X2BIM
  • How digitalised design and construction projects benefit from X2BIM
  • Realising the vision: end-to-end digitalization


Paolo Masini | Head of Rolling Stock Technology and System Engineering | Trenitalia

Data Driven Maintenance and Digital Twin for railways

  • Digital Twin (DT). What does it means for railway
  • How to integrate DDM with DT
  • Data driven Maintenance (DDM) impact on operations


José Antonio Marcos | Head Area Manager of Smart Maintenance Engineering | Talgo

AI Generative to empower maintenance servicies

  • The democratizarion of AI generative for the industrie
  • Industrie 4.0 technologies applied in maintenance servicies
  • Challenges for next future, manpower vs robotics


Mike McClellan | Senior Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer | Norfolk Southern Corporation

Telematics Adoption In the North American Freight Rail Market

  • The use of telematics in the N.A. freight market is in its early stages
  • RailPulse has been formed to accelerate the transition to this technology
  • While hurdles exist, the N.A. rail freight market is poised for rapid adoption


Todd Snyder | Senior Director, Sensors & Analytics | Amsted Digital Solutions

Revolutionising Freight Rail Telematics: Unleashing Innovation with Sensor-Free Technology

  • Real-time brake and wheel monitoring without external sensors
  • Accurate tracking of load state change and mileage without external sensors
  • Leveraging AI/ML in the cloud and on the edge


Anthony Ashbrook | CEO | Machines with Vision

The IM data positioning problem you don’t know you have, and how to solve it!

  • The issues caused by relying on GNS/INS, and their consequences
  • How other sources of position can, not only bridge the gap, but enhance your data
  • The benefits of better positioned data, for prediction and cross discipline analysis


Morning Refreshments in the Networking & Exhibition Area


Kenneth Mannka | EVP Operations, North America | Nexxiot

First Movers to Market Leaders: What Can We Learn from Transport Innovators

  • Tracing the transformative steps of transport pioneers
  • How asset intelligence is translating to safer and more efficient operations
  • Looking at the road ahead and the future trajectory of transport innovation


Pierre-André Rulmont | CIO | SNCB-NMBS

Alternative leadership for IT in the rail industry

  • Railway organisations are well known for their strong history and culture. But they are also time facing the challenge of upcoming competition and digital transformation
  • In this context, leadership of IT organisation plays a key role that require a new approach to deal with this technology and heavily human challenge
  • The proposed approach enables people leveraging their potential by creating a context of empowerment and responsibility


Krzysztof Wilczek | Head of Track Analytics | Plasser & Theurer &
Manuel Urstoeger | Product Manager | Track Machines Connected (tmc)

DRS Alliance – Integrating technologies for more trains on existing infrastructure

  • Existing infrastructure is the cornerstone for a successful railway system
  • Existing technologies and products already deliver benefits in their respective fields
  • DRS Alliance helps reducing integration cost and streamline new technology application


Stephanie Schalbetter | Data Manager | SBB

Open-Source Data Format and Viewer for Railway condition monitoring

  • From Sensor Data to information
  • The SBB measurement chain and proprietary formats
  • Benefits and Goals of SBB RCM-DX and RCM Viewer


Thomas Mensch | Head of Data Science | SNCF

Unlocking the value of data through Data Science - Application to railway industry

  • Harnessing Data Science for utilization of IoT data
  • Improving data-driven maintenance for infrastructure and rolling stock
  • Illustrating impact of Data Science: railway industry use cases


Lukasz Strzelecki | Vice President | PKP Informatyka

Rolling stock control on rail siding depot with application of RFID technology

  • RFID technology for rail purpose
  • Case study – PKP
  • Positive results for train operator


Lunch in the Networking & Exhibition Area



  • 1. Cooperation: How can we enhance the value to our sector by cooperating with each other?
  • 2. How to accelerate design and construction by using advanced digital solutions
  • 3. What is the must-have to be considered an innovator in transportation?
  • 4. Opportunities and threats of AI generative for Rolling Stock Industries
  • 5. How do you engage the wider team and workforce when transforming operations and maintenance?
  • 6. What is your view on the impact that ongoing IoT and digitalisation projects has on the specification and design of new assets and asset refurbishment?
  • 7. Turning Data into Value
  • 8. Implementing an asset digitization strategy: Sharing best practices and learning from challenges others already have overcome
  • 9. Generative AI: From Playground to Production
  • 10. Monitoring asset condition to maximize reliability and availability of assets and reach efficiency of regulatory compliance
  • 11 - Landslides, slopes, and soil: Sharing strategies and technologies to prevent the next disaster
  • 12 - Digital condition monitoring - how to ensure long term success with fleet deployments?
  • 13 - Why satellite? Why now! – exploring the key changes and opportunities in both the rail sector and satellite technology that are rapidly bringing these two worlds together
  • 14 - How to help harbours, industrial and conventional networks to improve their railway processes using digital solutions?


Chairman’s Closing Comments & End of Conference

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