The 2022 conference will assess the progress of the sector’s use of IoT to date, the level of its capabilities, practical steps on how to fully harness its growth, and how to alleviate the likely challenges to implementation.


Programme in 2021 below. Programme for 2022 to be announced shortly.

DAY 1 - 18 MAY 2021

All times are Central European Time (CET)


Ben Holliday | Managing Director | Rotaia Media
& Daniel MacGregor | Founder | Nexxiot

Organisor and Chairman’s Welcome


Tim Flower | Chief Intelligent Infrastructure Engineer | Network Rail

Intelligent Infrastructure: Delivering the data driven railway

  • Why do we need Intelligent Infrastructure and is Network Rail’s strategy for digitising asset performance management
  • What progress has been made so far and what is coming this year
  • How do we engage current and future staff to fully realise the benefits


John Smith | CEO | voestalpine Signaling UK Ltd

Making sense from the growth of data in the digital railway

  • Data acquisition from large volumes of assets
  • The role of analytics to generate actionable outcomes
  • Simplifying the HMI in large scale and complex environments


Dr. Remigijus Skirkus | Director of Diagnostic Department | LTG Infra (Lithuanian Railways)

The evolution of the diagnostic process at the Lithuanian Railways

  • Diagnostics for track geometry
  • Optimising Big Data for smarter asset management
  • Ways and approaches to overcome current challenges


Philip Heaney | Product Manager | Camlin Rail

How wayside pantograph monitoring is helping enable a condition based maintenance strategy

  • What challenges are railways facing to shift from time to condition based maintenance
  • Strategic deployment of wayside systems for maximum benefit
  • Enabling data to decision


Networking break


Maurus Radelow | IT Security for Operational Technology & Processes | DB Netz

Cybersecurity in Rail – Securing the digital future

  • Facing and structuring the challenge
  • How to stay flexible with security for safety
  • Crypto and Firewall – That’s it?


Rene Zeilinger | CTO | Frauscher Sensonic

Quantitative DAS and Machine Learning enable a quantum leap in real-time train positioning

  • Quantitative DAS is the next evolution of distributed wayside sensing
  • In combination with machine learning, this technology provides more accurate information
  • Real-time train localisation, detailed information on train length and train integrity will enable new and efficient approaches for future proof train operation


Mathias Vanden Auweele | Project Lead Digitalisation | Infrabel

Level up Asset Management at Infrabel

  • Practical production examples for digital infrastructure monitoring
  • Real time monitoring of singular and linear assets
  • From big data in train control logging to alerts and apps


Edward Clark | Product Specialist and Solutions Consultant | Copperleaf

Asset Investment Planning for Railway Infrastructure: driving better decision making

  • Improving investment decision making for portfolios
  • Combining analytics with expertise to optimise performance
  • Drive the achievement of strategic objectives


Round table Discussion Groups

  • 1. How can we measure the benefits of digitalisation within the railway industry?
  • 2. The future of work in rail when IoT & Big Data has fully landed.
  • 3. Using digital twins concepts to drive digital transformation.
  • 4. How to choose the right IoT partner.
  • 5. From technology topic to business value – IoT will change rail.
  • 6. Big Data. Friend or foe?
  • 7. The challenges of moving from maintaining on periodicity to maintaining only on condition.
  • 8. Improving Return on Assets through IoT and ML.
  • 9. Condition monitoring and diagnosis of assets – the way to predictive maintenance.
  • 10. Digitising Rail Infrastructure Investment Planning
  • 11. Open discussion on how machine vision can provide a cost effective alternative to manual inspection of rolling stock
  • 12. Digitalization in rail is important but many struggle to find an ROI. What are the use cases or opportunities that can accelerate adoption?


Conference Chairman closing comments of day 1

DAY 2 - 19 MAY 2021

All times are Central European Time (CET)


Holger Bartels | Head of Asset Intelligence Center | DB Cargo

Update on DB Cargo Program Asset Automation & Digitalization (AAD)

  • The intelligent Freight Train
  • Project Portfolio
  • Asset Intelligence Center enabling industrial, productive running AI Applications


Stefan Kalmund | CEO | Nexxiot

The value behind the data - Use Cases in rail car digitization

  • How different stakeholders extract value
  • Effective impact and measurable benefits along the value chain
  • Product temperature, ETA automation, Capacity optimisation, 3rd party front-end access


Vanessa Langhammer | Head of Digitalization | Rail Cargo Group
& Pamela Martin | Data Scientist – Digitalization | Rail Cargo Group

Challenges and opportunities of Big Data in a complex legacy IT infrastructure

  • Our challenge: optimally connecting numerous different data sources to our legacy systems
  • We can only rise to the challenge through more cooperation and collaboration
  • Agile product development is both a possible solution to this and a great opportunity


Francis Cepero | Director Vertical Market Solutions | A1 Digital

With A1 Digital, Rail Cargo brings intelligent freight wagons onto the rails

  • Data collection is only the begin/enabler of the IoT journey
  • Selective data analytics opens a far range of additional use cases
  • Rail Cargo is using a high sophisticated internal platform where A1D provides those analytics integrated in their platform
  • A1D is ready for any part of the IoT journey up to a complete turn key solution


Networking break


Marc Valette | Director of Innovation and Continuous Improvement | CFL

Challenges for implementing pragmatic digitalisation in CFL Multimodal, a small freight actor

  • The visions and challenges of being a small Railway when introducing innovation
  • Importance & need for pragmatic & applicable solutions due to the contraints of resources
  • Capacity to transform quickly in operations the added value provided by innovation


Christian Sprauer | Founder & CEO | Railnova

IoT play time is over. How smart organisations deliver fast-track transformation with smart technology partnerships

  • What is a smart partnership?
  • Fast-track transformation examples from Railnova customers
  • How the Railnova and Knorr-Bremse partnership is set up to deliver value, digitalisation and automation across railway companies


Gláucio Oliveira | Maintenance Planning and Control General Manager | MRS Logística and Gabriel Serpa | Innovation Manager | MRS Logistica

Data strategy and an applied case of maintenance optimization

  • Analytics architecture in a railroad transportation company
  • Machine Learning study case for wagon maintenance planning
  • Data Intelligence Innovation Process


Simon Giovanazzi | CEO | infraView GmbH, Part of DB E.C.O. Group

Deutsche Bahn - driving industrial digitalization in Germany

  • Experience as pioneer of asset condition monitoring and predictive maintenance in Germany
  • Effects of cross-systems analysis: infrastructure assesses rolling stock failures and vice versa
  • Leverage IoT and AI benefits will need a transformation to adaptive rules and regulations


Alessandro Borzacchi | Project Manager - Augmented Reality Project | Rail Cargo Group

Augmented Wagon Inspection

  • Traceability of rolling stock inspection operations
  • Remote assistance for the wagon inspector
  • Rolling stock data acquisition for train preparation

12:45 - 13:15

Conference Chairman closing comments of day 2 and networking break

DAY 3 - 20 MAY 2021

All times are Central European Time (CET)


Jude Carey | Head of Asset Management | Irish Rail

Utilising IoT to improve performance in Irish Rail

  • The challenges for Irish Rail to develop IoT in both rolling stock and Infrastructure
  • A hidden benefit of our IoT development
  • Outlook for the future


Gerhard Paal | Head of Sales for Digital Services| Siemens Mobility

Internet of Trains – How IoT can transform rail

  • Asset Performance Management enables new thinking for Rail
  • Examples from customers, showing how analytics can help to create value
  • A partner ecosystem can provide even more value towards customer


Inge Hofland | Manager Infra Data & GIS | ProRail

Optimising Infradata and IT technology to predict and prevent failure to overcome the challenge of handling 30% more rail passengers by 2030

  • Why the solution is not only more rails and more trains
  • Why we see Geo information as strategic theme for our success
  • Why a shared view is necessary in our challenge for 2030


Juliette van Driel | System Manager Wayside Train Monitoring Systems & Real-Time Monitoring | ProRail

Eyes on Hands off – the ProRail Monitoring Platform (PMP)

  • ProRail’s digital journey, challenges and approach
  • Using a data-driven, cloud delivered, approach driving better asset management and maintenance across the network
  • Collaboration with innovators, contractors and service providers for optimal results


Networking break


Krzysztof Wilczek | Head of Track Analytics | Plasser & Theurer

Using technologies to improving track maintenance

  • Sensors
  • Big Data
  • AI


Isabelle Tardy | Senior Advisor Strategy & Development, Technical Unit | Bane NOR

Enhancing rail infrastructure safety and maintenance thanks to digitalization

  • Experience on innovation initiatives
  • Video analysis and pattern recognition
  • A new framework ensuring valuable and actionable outcomes


Dr. Uwe Jasnoch | Vice President for Business Development | Hexagon’s Geospatial Division

Overcoming Big Data – How to Optimize Railway Asset Management with AI

  • Using AI for asset detection in panoramic imagery and point clouds
  • Automating object detection within asset management systems for quicker change detection
  • Augmenting asset and infrastructure data in a Digital Twin for Rail ecosystem


Mohammed-Simoh Labdoui | Data Strategy Manager | SNCF

Big Data and IoT Cloud Platforms Manager at SNCF

  • Define the strategy and the trajectory of the Data/IOT services to meet SNCF business needs
  • The keys of data and IoT project success
  • How the cloud and collective intelligence are accelerating the time to market

12:30 - 13:00

Conference Chairman closing comments of day 3 and networking break

DAY 4 - 21 MAY 2021

All times are Central European Time (CET)


Ignacio Oliver | Director of Metro Projects Area | Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona

Recommendations to succeed in the digitalisation and data analysis of assets in metro networks

  • Profits obtained and lessons learned from real experiences to build up the systems
  • Organisational adaptation
  • Necessary requirements to succeed, overcome fear and catalyse real change


Javier de la Cruz | Managing Director | CAF Rail Digital Services

Digitalisation of Rolling Stock Maintenance: Not only a matter of predictive diagnostics

  • Brief overview of the pros, cons and state of the art of predictive diagnostics
  • What else can the digitalisation bring to Rolling Stock Maintenance?
  • Digitalisation success cases beyond the predictive diagnostics


Pieter Moelans | Rolling stock Engineer | NMBS-SNCB

Our journey to remote diagnostics: a step by step approach.

  • The challenge of managing cross fleet data streams;
  • Integrating IOT in existing rolling stock, a step by step approach
  • Purchasing and maintaining new fleets: the battle against obsolescence


Pedro Conceição | CBM Technical Sales Consultant | Nomad Digital>

IoT & Big Data in Rail: Win from day 1!

  • Digitalisation Challenges;
  • Remote Monitoring for different business roles
  • Leveraging Digitalisation ASAP
  • Quick-wins real -life examples


Networking break


Alexey Grigoriev | Chief Technology Officer | OCRV (Russian Railways)

Russian railways blockchain platform

  • How choice about blockchain technology was made
  • Prerequisites for the development of the project
  • Architecture of the project


David McGorman | Managing Director, Technology Companies, Unipart Technology Group | Instrumentel

Condition Based Maintenance and the importance of Actionable Information

  • Data acquisition and large number of Rail assets and the importance of understanding your data
  • Case studies showing how Condition Based Maintenance can create value, operational efficiencies and savings
  • How Condition Based Maintenance informs our Condition Based Supply Chain, creating a Digital dynamic supply chain of the future


Daniel Adamka | Managing Director | ARRIVA

Using Big Data for network optimization

  • Where and when is the demand for transport
  • How to react quicker on demand changes
  • Increase the usage of multimodal solution


Brent Wilson | CTO | HUM Industrial Technology

Rolling Stock Maintenance Management: How to Move From Reactive to Predictive Using IoT and Edge Computing

  • Maintenance management strategy – Reactive vs Preventative vs Predictive
  • Why off-the-shelf IoT and legacy wayside detection will never be able to deliver transformative results
  • How to leverage edge computing to avoid the Big Data trap


Sami Kalevirta | Head of Digital Services | VR FleetCare

Digital Solutions in Fleet Maintenance Lessons learned in product development

  • How we ended up developing a new product for the railway sector
  • Starting from customer promise and market survey to building up an own Train Scanner
  • Learning from challenges on the way - Today VR FleetCare provides Train scanners and much more

12:45 - 13:15

Conference Chairman closing comments of day 4 and networking break

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