The conference will assess the progress of the sector’s use of IoT to date, the level of its capabilities, practical steps on how to fully harness its growth, and how to alleviate the likely challenges to implementation.


2023 Agenda



Registration and Welcome Refreshments in the Exhibition Area


Ben Holliday | Managing Director | Rotaia Media (Organiser)
& Daniel MacGregor | Co-Founder | Nexxiot (Chairman)

Welcome Address


Rolf Härdi | Chief Technoloy Innovation Officer | Deutsche Bahn AG

IoT – expectations vs reality

  • Successfully implemented examples in practice
  • Criteria for a successful implementation


Mads Thorstrup | Head of Asset Management | Banedanmark

How to ensure that usage of data makes you more efficient

  • Reengineering your ERP system does not do the job alone, you need to standardize and address processes and culture within your (eco)system/organisation
  • You need to define your output needs before defining deliverables
  • Data need to be more than documentation


Hajar Monnet | Senior Consultant Presales EAM EMIA | Hexagon

Asset Performance Management: Driving regulatory compliance and operational efficiency in the Rail Industry

  • Dig into your data: Leverage IoT and make better decisions
  • Make your railway operations safer and more comfortable
  • Assess the performance of your rail network


Guillaume Branger | Telediagnostic & Predictive Maintenance Key Component Engineer | SNCF

Predictive Maintenance SNCF: the future is now

  • The complete chain for optimized maintenance
  • Use cases developed at SNCF since 2014
  • The savings measured


Sven Strassburg | Sustainability Software Thought Leader & Principal Solution Architect | IBM Technology

Instrumented, Interconnected, and Intelligent - Digital transformation in an evolving industry

  • Digital transformation driving disruptive and evolutionary change in the industry
  • Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance support sustainability initiatives
  • Situational context and augmented intelligence to drive operational excellence and to meet sustainability objectives



Intelligent Infrastructure Programmes are now key to future performance improvements achieved through new digital and innovative technologies.

  • How are data-driven technologies enabling you to understand the condition of your infrastructure?
  • There are many digital devices such as sensors which collect data that are able provide Infrastructure Manager’s will real-time information. How difficult is it to separate meaningful data from the mass which is collected?
  • Historically, the rail sector tends to be rather slow in changing to newer technologies and it takes an extensive time to bring them into operation due to regulations and authorisation requirements. How can we break this cycle to achieve a more holistic Asset Performance Management approach to reduce maintenance costs and achieve greater efficiency?


  • Joao Morgado | Asset Information Manager | Infraestruturas de Portugal (I.P)
  • Mads Thorstrup | Head of Asset Management | Banedanmark
  • Christopher Rowley | Principle Intelligent Infrastructure Engineer | Network Rail
  • Dr. Uwe Jasnoch | Vice President for Business Development | Hexagon’s Geospatial Division
  • Eric Garzon | Co-Founder and President | In A Blink
  • Bernhard Antony | Head of Technology Centre Purkersdorf | Plasser & Theurer


Morning Refreshments in the Networking & Exhibition Area


Joao Morgado | Asset Information Manager | Infraestruturas de Portugal (I.P)

The role of data and information in better rail asset management in Infraestruturas de Portugal

  • What data do we have and what we are doing with it in rail asset management?
  • What data and information is missing?
  • What are we doing to get there?


Maximilian Eichhorn | Vice President and Global Head, Digital Products & Services | Knorr-Bremse

IoT – Internet of Trains

  • With more and more electronics and sensor technologies included Trains are becoming more and more complex
  • Based on data sharing as well as digitalization of the various systems an Internet of Trains (IoT) will generate totally new values
  • The highest benefits will be achieved when Operators, Vehicle Builders and Sub-System Builders are working cooperatively and fair together


Dr. Niko Davids | Chief Digital Officer and Head of Innovation | VTG

From IoT data to value for the customer

  • Digital Fleet Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Digital Products


Stefan Kalmund | CEO | Nexxiot

Driving Organizational Resiliency through Asset Intelligence

  • Deriving diverse insights from connected railcar parts and subsystems
  • Strengthening resiliency through real-time multi-level visibility


Karim Ait Hamou | Senior Data Manager | CFL

Data Interoperability: Key for removing barriers?

  • Standards, usages, and access
  • Infrastructure for sharing and exchange
  • CFL use cases


Grant Harley | General Manager | Petards Group

The Petards Flow - Real world integration of CCTV systems with network infratructure management

  • Becoming agile in a non-agile environment
  • Driving action from data
  • Identify - Quantify - Rectify - Verify


Lunch in the Networking & Exhibition Area


Christopher Rowley | Principle Intelligent Infrastructure Engineer | Network Rail

Continuing the journey to Intelligent Infrastructure

  • Progress within Network Rail’s programme to date
  • Our plans for the next five years
  • Demonstration of the technology deployed


Simon Giovanazzi | CEO of infraView GmbH | DB E.C.O. Group

Automation of railway maintenance is progressing - latest insights

  • Rolling stock maintenance: Automation of inspections of high speed trains
  • DIANA inspector - approaches for automation of rail infrastructre maintenance
  • Current status and challenges in enhacing automation


Remigijus Skirkus | Head of Quality and Safety | JSC LTG Infra (Lithuanian Railways)

Railway infrastructure quality control modernization in Lithuania

  • Hardware modernization
  • Software implementation
  • Connecting all together


Ivan Rochford | Digital Train Manager | SKF

Technical and business advancements for condition based asset management

  • Technology demands for future fleet management
  • Business models to drive innivation in products and services
  • Partnering to support a predictive maintenance approach


Gonzalo Delgado Fernández | Technical Manager of Railway Cybersecurity | Renfe

How to mitigate cybersecurity risk on the railway

  • Risks on the train
  • Cybersecurity plan
  • Cybersecurity requirements


Afternoon Refreshments in the Networking & Exhibition Area


Ivan Vidovic | Program Manager | voestalpine Signaling Austria GmbH

Digital Innovation – latest monitoring technology to hit the railway

  • Innovation driving change
  • A customer success story
  • What next..?


Guillaume Gach | Project Manager of Artificial Intelligence for Predictive Maintenance | UIC

Key insights from Artificial Intelligence for Predictive Maintenance (AIPM) project

  • A 3 years project
  • AIPM initiatives
  • Opportunities and challenges


Paul Fleming | Managing Director | Camlin Rail

Wayside inspection - a modular approach to realising customer value

  • Why are customers requesting more from wayside inspection systems?
  • How is Camlin realising customer value?
  • Partnership first – a collaborative approach to deliver long term value


Steven Woudenberg | Digital Lead Data for Operations & Lead in Advanced Analytics | NS

A data driven organization and how to get there. An NS story

  • How is NS organized to empower the employees to help the organization become more data driven?
  • What are the main pitfalls NS has encountered in their journey to become more data driven, up until now?
  • What are the success stories of the approach NS has implemented?


José Antonio Marcos | Head Area Manager of Smart Maintenance Engineering | Talgo

Dynamic Maintenance Management Approach based on artificial intelligence and digital twins technology

  • Real time monitoring and smart data management
  • Application of Machine and Deep learning for diagnosis and RUL for prognosis
  • Maintenance Management System as a smart combination of predictive and preventive maintenance


Aleksandr Zaitsev | Head of Digital Transformation & Innovation Department | Estonian Railways

The Digital Transformation journey of Estonian Railways

  • Estonian Railways Digital Transformation Strategy. How it started
  • Asset Management and Field Service Management. Current position and challenges
  • Our goals and what we are striving for in the near future



Railway operators are planning significant investments in new digital technologies to improve maintenance and tracking of assets. However, they face the challenge that existing digital technologies are already embedded in current operations or maintenance processes.

  • How do Railways solve this challenge and avoid additional costs and delays in the process?
  • It is well known that there are many sensors and data analytics technologies widely available, yet what Railway operators are struggling with is the understanding of the IoT and its worth. How can the IoT create value for Railway operators and maximise its potential?
  • There have been significant advancements in digitalisation with regards to passengers, however operations and maintenance processes are still slow to adapt. What needs to change so that going forward, all core processes such as maintenance are digitalised making asset availability standard?


  • Rolf Härdi | Chief Technology Innovation Officer | Deutsche Bahn
  • Steven Woudenberg | Digital Lead Data for Operations & Lead in Advanced Analytics | NS
  • Sven Strassburg | Sustainability Software Thought Leader & Principal Solution Architect | IBM Technology
  • Niko Davids | Chief Digital Officer & Head of Innovation | VTG Aktiengesellschaft
  • Pedro Conceição | CBM Technical Sales Consultant | Nomad Digital
  • Martin Runge | Head of Digital Services | Siemens Mobility


Drinks Reception Sponsor Invitation

Jarek Rosinski | Chief Executive Officer | Transmission Dynamics

Trains with Brains® - The future of live rail asset and infrastructure monitoring

  • Critical design features
  • Advanced machine learning
  • Power of combining solutions


Daniel MacGregor | Co-Founder | Nexxiot

Chairman’s Closing Comments


Drinks Reception in the Networking & Exhibition Area


Networking Gala Dinner in the Conference Hall


End of Day 1

Day 2


Nina Stumme | Head of Data Management and Analytics | DB Netz AG

How to connect Data & AI with dog intelligence at DB Netz DataNet

  • How DB Netz wants to improve construction, maintenance and operations of rail infrastructure by Data, Analytics and AI
  • Presenting some recent examples of Data & AI products that contribute to digitalisation of rail infrastructure and environmental protection at DB


Gerhard Paal | Head of Sales for Digital Services | Siemens Mobility

Rail Service Hub - A fully digitalized workflow for maintenance and operations of railway assets on Railigent X

  • Railigent X for rail vehicle maintenance and operation
  • Fully digitized workflow for rolling stock maintenance
  • Network and interface between fleet manager and workshops for efficient service demand processing


Roberto Tundo | Chief Technology, Innovation & Digital Officer | FS Group

The FC Group data factory: shared value for customers and internal processes

  • Gruppo FS as a “Data factory” that collect internal data about the status of infrastructure and the rolling stocks, and external data about the outside context and customers behaviour
  • How to create value from data: organisation model and internal digital factory
  • Highlights on main projects: integrated services and asset management


James Simester | Technology Director | Unipart Technologies Group

How do I save time, money and carbon implementing RCM?

  • Always doing what we’ve always done but expecting a different outcome – time for change
  • Leveraging industry know how to our advantage
  • Real world examples of implementing data science techniques to expose failure data


Lawrence Biess | Assistant Vice President of Fleet Systems Research and Integration | Amtrak

Big Data, (I)IOT, AI, and Innovation in Rail: To What End?

  • Lean (and the Lewin Change Model) as a compass and process for change and innovation.
  • People, Processes, Technology: Familiar triad, ever-changing landscape.
  • Outcomes: What does sustainable & successful change look like, sound like, feel like?


Youssef Kirtas | Account Manager | AVEVA

How digitalisation is transforming the operations of leading railways

  • Reaching operational excellence by improved workforce digital enablement
  • Unlocking growth in rail with digital maintenance
  • Leveraging existing and future investments by maximising/optimising the use of infrastructure


Morning Refreshments in the Networking & Exhibition Area


Loïc Michel | Infrastructure Monitoring Business Development Manager | Sercel

Distributed sensing applied to railroad monitoring

  • Rapid development and adoption of new technologies to monitor railroad conditions
  • Real time monitoring of rail road surrounding and subsurface conditions are developing quickly
  • Predicting degradation of subsurface is critical to maintain operational use of railroads


Dr. Madalina Thiele | Team Leader Data Science | DB Cargo

Condition based Maintenance at Deutsche Bahn Cargo as an end-to-end product

  • Overview Data Stream Locomotive to SAP
  • Monitoring of Data Quality and Feedback loop
  • Use Case Example


Rainer Masopust | Head of IoT Practice for Austria and Central Europe | Eviden

Extending the railway track view using UAVs and other data sources

  • Using UAVs flying BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) to generate a broader view of the railway track
  • Automating the asset management and condition monitoring
  • Integration of other data sources moving to the digital twin


Juliette van Driel | Product Manager Wayside Train Monitoring Systems & Real-Time Asset Monitoring | ProRail

ProRail Monitoring Platform

  • Development of PMP
  • Making more information by combining data
  • How me make big data work for us


Bernhard Antony | Head of Technology Centre Purkersdorf | Plasser & Theurer

Reinventing track maintenance through digitisation and big data

  • Digitalisation
  • Automation
  • Track Maintenance


Danilo Brinati Vieira | Advanced Maintenance Engineering Manager | MRS Logistica & Pedro Henrique | Innovation Manager | MRS Logistica

Innovation and Big Data applied in a heavy haul fleet

  • Innovation and how MRS's data lab works
  • A case study applied to cargo rolling stock
  • Availability and operational interference gains achieved


Lunch in the Networking & Exhibition Area



  • 1. What does the railway need from IoT in the next 5 years?
  • 2. How can we increase cooperation on data and digitalization between Operators, Vehicle Builders and Sub-System Builders?
  • 3. How to break up out-of-time rules and regulations to speed up automation in railway maintenance
  • 4. The potential of partnership and technology to unlock best maintenance practices
  • 5. How to capitalize on new business opportunities powered by IoT and data?
  • 6. Common challenges in digital transformation – what are barriers railways face and how to address them.
  • 7. Is it needed to own the data?
  • 8. Applications of digital twins for predictive maintenance
  • 9. How do maintenance models adapt to benefit from condition-based maintenance?
  • 10. Improving digital asset management
  • 11. How do we create agility in Rail when stability is favoured over agility, compliance over technology?
  • 12. How to manage IoT data migration to any cloud with scale to take advantage of AI and ML
  • 13. Railroad maintenance: Next steps for predictive
  • 14. Instrumented, Interconnected, and Intelligent – Digital Transformation of Rail
  • 15. Is it only about data?


Chairman’s Closing Comments & End of Conference

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