The 2023 conference will assess the progress of the sector’s use of IoT to date, the level of its capabilities, practical steps on how to fully harness its growth, and how to alleviate the likely challenges to implementation.


DAY 1 - 17 MAY 2022




Ben Holliday | Managing Director | Rotaia Media
& Daniel MacGregor | Co-Founder | Nexxiot

Organisor and Chairman’s Welcome


Norbert Kahl | Head of Digitalization/Automation Strategy and Development | DB Cargo

How digitalization and automation are changing rail freight

  • Asset Intelligence
  • Digital Freight Train
  • Automatic Train Operation


Anki Svärdby-Bergman | Teamleader of Advanced Analytics Factory, Maintenance Department | Trafikverket

Advanced Analytics/AI and Big Data at the Swedish Transport Administration - From strategy to an operative analytics team for smart maintenance

  • Data Readiness
  • Building the data flows - from IoT to decision making
  • Connecting power consuming data from trains to the network track model


Matt Miller | Global Transportation Industry Principal | OSIsoft

Most valuable and compelling use IoT cases for digital transformation in rail

  • The most common use cases for using data to change operations
  • The use cases that are delivering the most value and transforming leading railways
  • Frameworks for developing your own transformation business case


Tom Krotchko | Senior Director of Architecture, Analytics & Fleet Technologies | Amtrak

Building Teams and Technology to support IoT

  • Finding analytics expertise is important, but your operating model for analytics is equally important
  • Operationalising Data Insights is harder than it looks
  • Developing a set of standards for data sharing you expect from IoT vendors


David McGorman | Managing Director of Technology Companies | Unipart Technologies

How can Actionable information lower my maintenance costs and improve my Environmental sustainability?

  • Provides an overview of Condition Based Maintenance focusing on case studies where many benefits have been created
  • Illustrates the importance of collaboration in changing culture and maximising benefits through increased speed of adoption
  • CBM through a Digital and Green lens. How Actionable data can help lower carbon emissions



Intelligent Infrastructure Programmes are now key to future performance improvements achieved through new digital and innovative technologies.

  • How are data-driven technologies enabling you to understand the condition of your infrastructure?
  • There are many digital devices such as sensors which collect data that are able provide Infrastructure Manager’s will real-time information. How difficult is it to separate meaningful data from the mass which is collected?
  • Historically, the rail sector tends to be rather slow in changing to newer technologies and it takes an extensive time to bring them into operation due to regulations and authorisation requirements. How can we break this cycle to achieve a more holistic Asset Performance Management approach to reduce maintenance costs and achieve greater efficiency?


  • Tom Krotchko | Senior Director IT, Architecture, Analytics & Information Management | Amtrak
  • Bernhard Antony | Head of Technology Centre Purkersdorf | Plasser & Theurer
  • Jude Carey | Head of Asset Management | Irish Rail
  • Karin Biffiger | Head of Technology and Innovation | SBB
  • Hossein Naderi Fashtali | Director of Railway Electrification Department | The Railway of Iran
  • Eric Garzon | Co-Founder and President | In A Blink


Morning Refreshments in the Networking & Exhibition Area


Hossein Naderi Fashtali | Director of Railway Electrification Department | The Railway of Iran

The Role of Railway Electrification in Development Railway Safety

  • Railway electrification and Monitoring system in Railway
  • Communication infrastructures boosting in railway electrification
  • Physical Assessment Management in Railway Electrification


Stefan Kalmund | CEO | Nexxiot

The Rise of TradeTech Value from Big Data in Rail: Capabilities a railcar needs to be relevant in the wider TradeTech landscape

  • TradeTech timeline for rail
  • Components needed
  • Distributing TradeTech value


Irene López Alonso | Market Research & Big Data Analysis Manager | Renfe

The generation of corporate value in the transport sector through IoT & Big Data

  • On-demand public transport - it will take into account both historical data and real-time data to plan new routes or traffic frequencies according to demand, capacity and customer behaviour
  • Predictive maintenance - design of digital twins through information processing of IoT components.
  • Reduction of occupational accidents - Machine Learning techniques will allow us to learn what the different causes of accidents are may occur (with a reasonable probability)


Daniele Santomassimo | Railway Business Development Manager | SKF

Data-driven lifecycle optimisation

  • Best practice cases
  • Maximising availability and reducing environmental impact of rolling stock
  • Condition monitoring - a journey


Javier de la Cruz | Managing Director of CAF Rail Digital Services | CAF Rail Digital Services

Railway Digitalisation Unleashed: The ROI of actionable data to face fleet operation & maintenance reality

  • Easing Operations: Energy efficiency, passenger experience and safety Supporting drivers with real time information
  • Easing Availability: Deploying predictive analytics to reduce LCC
  • Easing Depot Performance and Inspection: From wayside systems to tablets to execute maintenance activity


Lunch in the Networking & Exhibition Area


Douwe Treurniet | Data Science Lead | ProRail

Predicting track degradation as decision support for maintenance strategies

  • Track data collection and processing
  • Predicting asset deterioration of tracks
  • Enhancement of decision support


John Smith | Managing Director – CEO | voestalpine Signaling UK Ltd

Real world application of analytics for remote monitoring in rail

  • A benefit driven approach to analytics
  • Integration of climatic data to improve infrastructure robustness
  • Roadmap for further development


Joonas Jäspi | Head of Data and Analytics | VR Group, Logistics & Train Operations

Various use cases for the data and analytics platform in logistics and train operations

  • Keeping the wagon and locomotive demand and balance in check with optimization models and real-time dashboards
  • Monitoring wagon and locomotive maintenance success rates and operational situation
  • Bringing insight to profit margins with Activity Based Costing


Simon Giovanazzi | CEO | infraView GmbH, Part of DB E.C.O. Group

The edge of IoT – dynamic rules and regulations as an accelerator for automation of maintenance

  • Status quo: condition based and predictive maintenance
  • The issue: conventional vs. dynamic rules and regulations
  • On track: lighthouse projects for maintenance automation


Christian Bauer | Department Manager for Asset & Maintenance within Digitalisation & Innovation | Rail Cargo Group

The data treasury of legacy systems

  • Exploring existing data versus hunting for new data
  • Using design thinking for exploring new opportunities
  • Applying Lean Management to digitalisation projects


Afternoon Refreshments in the Networking & Exhibition Area


Juergen Rudolf | Innovation Manager – Rail Solution Development | A1 Digital

IoT in Rail: Beyond Track & Trace Scenarios

  • IoT and Asset Management
  • IoT and Advanced Logistics
  • Predictive Applications with Real time data


Karin Biffiger | Head of Technology and Innovation | SBB

Asset Intelligence and IoT

  • How we understand Asset Intelligence
  • The role of IoT in Asset Intelligence
  • Deep dive on selected use cases


Gerhard Paal | Head of Sales for Digital Services | Siemens Mobility

Digital Asset Management for Rail Systems – A holistic approach for improved asset performance

  • Railigent the Platform for Digital Asset Management
  • Customer Examples for Asset Performance Management
  • The value of Digital Asset Management


Guido Lemeire | CIO | NMBS/SNCB

How IOT will disrupt the railway sector

  • Use of IT in the railway sector
  • Architectural challenges
  • Security first


Charles Hull | Senior Consultant | Copperleaf

Asset Investment Planning for Railway Infrastructure: Driving better decision making

  • Optimise Portfolio of Investments, Manage Performance, Predict Long term Asset Needs
  • Combining analytics with expertise to optimise performance
  • Driving the achievement of strategic objectives


Paolo Masini | Head of Rolling Stock Technology and Maintenance Engineering | Trenitalia

OT and IT data fusion for Dynamic Maintenance Management System: a digital twin for Trenitalia asset management

  • Meaning of OT and IT data fusion, one single data base for every kind of information
  • Dynamic Maintenance Management System: BIG DATA system architecture and functions
  • Impact on industrial process, from static to dynamic maintenance



Railway operators are planning significant investments in new digital technologies to improve maintenance and tracking of assets. However, they face the challenge that existing digital technologies are already embedded in current operations or maintenance processes.

  • How do Railways solve this challenge and avoid additional costs and delays in the process?
  • It is well known that there are many sensors and data analytics technologies widely available, yet what Railway operators are struggling with is the understanding of the IoT and its worth. How can the IoT create value for Railway operators and maximise its potential?
  • There have been significant advancements in digitalisation with regards to passengers, however operations and maintenance processes are still slow to adapt. What needs to change so that going forward, all core processes such as maintenance are digitalised making asset availability standard?


  • Irene López Alonso | Market Research & Big Data Analysis Manager | Renfe
  • Christian Bauer | Department Manager for Asset & Maintenance within Digitalisation & Innovation | Rail Cargo Group
  • Guido Lemeire | CIO | NMBS/SNCB
  • Paolo Masini | Head of Rolling Stock Technology and Maintenance Engineering | Trenitalia
  • Pedro Conceição | CBM Technical Sales Consultant | Nomad Digital
  • Johannes Emmelheinz | CEO | Siemens Mobility Customer Services


Daniel MacGregor | Co-Founder | Nexxiot

Chairman’s Closing Comments


Anthony Ashbrook | Co-Founder & CEO | MachinesWithVision

Mobile Sensor Data Mapping for Railway Infrastructure

  • SurfaceSLAM: a computer vision solution for 0.1m accuracy train positioning
  • A platform for aggregation, transformation and analysis of railway infrastructure data
  • An operational case-study on the UK railway


Drinks Reception in the Networking & Exhibition Area


Networking Gala Dinner in the Conference Hall


End of Day 1

Day 2 – 18th May 2022


Stefan Leistner | Head of Analytics & Asset Management| DB Netz

Maintenance Strategy at DB Netz AG

  • Future infrastructure maintenance is risk-based, predictive and further prescriptive
  • Deep dive into 3 use cases
  • Our need for more innovations


Philip Heaney | Product Manager | Camlin Rail

Automated Visual Inspection: Data Insight for Greater Vision

  • Machine Vision and event monitoring
  • Building the bigger picture (statistics)
  • Layering systems for greater insight


Robert Ampomah | Chief Technology Officer | Network Rail

Modernising maintenance through data analytics and insight

  • Data insights and how we are using analytics to predict and prevent
  • Applying a Risk based maintenance approach
  • Case study demo of Network Rail’s insight tool


Dr. Uwe Jasnoch | Vice President for Business Development | Hexagon’s Geospatial Division

Back on Track: How Asset Management, BIM and Digital Twin Support the Rail Industry

  • Integrating asset management, BIM and a digital twin into a working environment
  • Why do the concepts supplement and support each other
  • The benefits of digitalizing rail operations


Laurent Lim | Project Leader IoT | SNCF

Behind the scenes of moving from POC to scale in IOT

  • Build and run at the same time to meet the reality
  • Anticipate the interconnections with other information systems of the company
  • Manage the unpredictable


Bernhard Antony | Head of Technology Centre Purkersdorf | Plasser & Theurer

Rethinking tamping technology

  • How do tamping machines work?
  • How can digital technologies help?
  • Why does it matter for railways?


Morning Refreshments in the Networking & Exhibition Area


Jude Carey | Head of Asset Management | Irish Rail

Maximising the benefits of Big data for Asset Management

  • Report on a recent project carried out by the UIC on Big Data for Asset Management
  • Links and relationships between Big Data and decisions about maintenance and enhancement of rail assets
  • Recommendations on the adoption of Big Data methods and tools to support strategic asset management decisions


Loïc Michel | Infrastructure Monitoring, Business Development Manager | Sercel

Acoustic Sensing applied to railroad monitoring

  • Railroad near surface conditions permanent monitoring using train energy
  • Going beyond train tracking using high performance acoustic sensing
  • Global railroad conditions permanent monitoring


Maarten van den Outenaar | Head of Analytics | NS (Dutch Railways)

Adopting Disruption: How to make data-driven work within your company

  • Engaging and empowering employees to adopt the possibilities of data
  • Getting the possibilities of the market as benefits in your organisation
  • Setting up a data driven strategy without overpromising


Yin Chen | ThinkTank Digitalization & Technology Lead for Digital Twin | Deutsche Bahn and Theo Quick | Vice President and Global Market Leader for Transportation and Hospitality | Atos

Digital Twin at Deutsche Bahn: Vision and collaboration

  • The digital twin vision map – how we envision the future with digital twins
  • The digital twin community – how we collaborate across the group and with the industry
  • The value of digital twin – the open question for management


Pieter Verlinden | Chief Data Scientist | Infrabel

Digital Asset Management at Infrabel

  • Do and don’ts
  • Use Cases
  • ROI


Maria Antonietta Zocco | Technical Director | Mercitalia Intermodal S.p.A.

IoT in the Combined Road-Rail Transport: a practical view

  • Why smart asset management is crucial for Combined Road-Rail Transport?
  • How Mercitalia tackled smart asset management
  • Challenges and threats for IoT large-scale implementation


Lunch in the Networking & Exhibition Area



  • 1. How can we measure the benefits of digitalisation within the railway industry?
  • 2. Digital Rail has landed: Embrace a TradeTech culture: a shift in expectations about what is possible
  • 3. Value-based Decision Making: a Best Practice of ISO 55000 for the Rail industry
  • 4. Layering data for greater insight
  • 5. IoT in Rail – high value use cases. Discussing the next level Bizvalue of IoT Technology
  • 6. How to create alliances for railway digitalization and automation across particular interests
  • 7. Sharing examples of successful application of analytics in asset condition monitoring
  • 8. Railroad conditions permanent monitoring solutions
  • 9. Digital Asset Management for rail systems
  • 10. How much savings and efficiencies can I expect from moving to Condition Based Maintenance?
  • 11. Best practices in developing successful IoT business cases and applying Big Data frameworks
  • 12. From component to performance - what is needed
  • 13. Successful use cases of rail digitalization, IoT and Big Data – from innovation to scale
  • 14. How to improve your maintenance processes from an end-to-end perspective


Chairman’s Closing Comments & End of Conference

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