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COLOGNE | 15th & 16th May 2024

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Returning to the conference calendar for a sixth consecutive year, The Rise of IoT & Big Data in Rail has firmly established itself as the rail sector’s trusted meeting place for business leaders to gain a clear and pragmatic idea about the industry’s digital challenge.

Over these past six years, we have quickly established a true community of like-minded, passionate individuals who not only have the solutions, but can visualise a better way to deploy data to create and preserve value in the transport chain. Most importantly, this close-knit community has the conviction to act on that vision!

This exclusive and unique meeting place will explore the extensive scope of predictive maintenance and asset optimisation applications of big data, empowering railway operators and infrastructure managers to benefit from the implementation of tools that harvest smart data utilised by IoT to increase capacity, improve reliability, minimize downtime, and reduce maintenance costs.

If you are serious about creating future value for your shareholders and for the wider world, this is the most relevant stage to be on. It’s here where the very best rail leaders, strategists, technologists, engineers and visionaries meet to transform the industry.

I am delighted to invite you to join us in Cologne at this first-class event to match buyer’s requirements with expert solutions during the rail sector’s digital evolution.

Ben Holliday | Managing Director

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I truly believe this is the best Railway conference in the market. A well-structured and organised event. I had the possibility to meet new potential customers and exchange relevant information with many participants which is why I am sponsoring the event for the 5th consecutive year. A perfect mix between rail operators and systems suppliers.

Head of Rail | SKF

It has been great fun and a huge privilege to participate at the 5th The Rise of IoT & Big Data in Rail. It is truly a first-class event with lots of ideas about the digital challenge and how to overcome them. A special thanks to Ben Holliday for organising such as fantastic event! Well done!

CTIO | Deutsche Bahn

2023 was my first time attending the IoT & Big Data in Rail conference. It completely exceeded my expectations. Very well organised, a clear focus on IoT developments and there were exceptional networking opportunities with the ‘right’ people

Vice President, Customer Management | voestalpine railway systems

Key Topics Include

  • Effectively deploying IoT data for predictive maintenance
  • Maximising the benefits of big data for asset management
  • Using digital twins concepts to drive digital transformation
  • Modernising maintenance through data analytics and insight
  • Applying deep reinforcement learning AI to capture and solve the complexity of rail networks
  • Technical and business advancements for condition-based asset management
  • How IoT tech will bring advancements in data collection and analysis to leverage digital trends
  • Driving organizational resiliency through asset Intelligence
  • Ensuring the interconnectivity of IoT and blockchain to ensure data security and an accurate ledger
  • Harvesting big data to reduce operational costs
  • Methods to improve reliability and availability of assets
  • Strategies to increase performance and service life
  • Building a big data platform to analyse, understand and model track condition and degradation
  • How to mitigate the big data cyber security risk
  • Technology demands for future fleet management

Highlights for 2024

NETWORKING DINNER & LIVE ENTERTAINMENT – Enjoy having dinner with your existing and new potential customers in front of a live jazz band.

ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION GROUPS – An exclusive platform for you to sit alongside your fellow peers and discuss the latest challenges and solutions to overcome them

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS – Listen to some of the most successful digitalisation case studies between Railways and their Partners

NEW HIGH-LEVEL SPEAKERS – Hear from more of the industry’s leading experts and innovators from around the world

Why Now?

“The Internet of Things is without doubt the 4th Industrial Revolution, and its impact on the rail sector is already transforming operations”

A global industrial revolution is underway. Every business sector across the world is being impacted or transformed by digital advances. Many parts of the rail sector are already embracing these huge changes and are poised to further embrace the significant growth in data sets that can be harnessed. As a result, the operations and maintenance heads of Railways recognise the tremendous potential offered by effectively exploiting the data gleaned from the Internet of Things.

Those rail sector organisations now join the automotive or aviation sectors in recognising and embracing the shift towards a digital future. Big data is being harnessed to deliver an entire raft of cost reductions and service improvements, including vastly reduced downtime for maintenance, optimised scheduling, increased capacity, and even enabling new services.

Infrastructure Owners and Train Operating Companies who are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the IoT are already yielding huge benefits from their investments. However, new innovative technologies are increasing at a significant rate and Infrastructure Managers and Train Operating Companies must continue to grasp the many opportunities available to them in order to benefit from these continuing advances.

Perhaps some of the greatest opportunities for the rail sector exist in the logistics space. IoT tracking and processing options have multiplied over the years and have already reached billions of connected devices. The impact of IoT on the logistics sector already indicates the opportunities for huge improvements to end to end visibility, benefitting the end user.

The 2024 conference will assess the progress of the sector’s use of IoT to date, the level of its capabilities, practical steps on how to fully harness its growth, and how to alleviate the likely challenges to implementation.

The way in which we transport passengers and goods by rail is becoming unrecognisable. The Internet of Things is without doubt the 4th Industrial Revolution and its impact on the rail sector cannot be overestimated. Now is the time for the whole of the rail sector not just to keep up with, but to overtake other transport providers by fully signing up to the digital world.

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