Optimising the IoT and Big Data to Digitise Asset Performance Management for an Intelligent Infrastructure

Speed of innovation, new intelligent technologies and systems based on AI are now key requirements in order to solve maintenance problems which are responsible for a large percentage of Infrastructure Managers issues with quality. New digital technologies are now required to help overcome the problem of capacity without expensive and time-consuming investments in new infrastructure. This virtual workshop will demonstrate how Infrastructure Managers are using the IoT to improve asset management to eliminate failures and downtime by capturing, analysing and exploiting asset data to make better informed decisions in order to reduce costs and increase revenues.

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Meet the speakers



Ben Holliday | Managing Director | Rotaia Media
& Daniel MacGregor | Co-Founder | Nexxiot

Organisor and Moderator’s Welcome


Tim Flower | Professional Head of Maintenance | Network Rail

Intelligent Infrastructure in Network Rail – Delivering the Data Driven Railway:

  • What progress has Network Rail made so far
  • What is our forward strategy to link failure modes to monitoring, analytics and our management systems
  • What does this mean for the company, our staff and railway users
Network Rail


Paul Kootwijk | Program Manager Innovation & Sustainable Development | ProRail

Application of sensoring and big data for an intelligent infrastructure in the Netherlands

  • How can we use sensoring and big data to digitise asset performance management?
  • Which applications are succesfull and what challenges are to overcome?
  • ProRail shows a few examples of datadriven innovations and shares their experiences?
Pro Rail


Matt Miller | Global Transportation Industry Principal | OSIsoft

Digital systems that support the “new normal” of operations

  • Providing Worker (and Passenger) Health & Safety (as well as the equipment)
  • New barriers to continuous improvement in productivity and efficiency
  • Building more resilient support, supply and value chains
Osi Soft


Ellen Alstrup | Programme Manager | Banedanmark

The challenge of digitalisation from an asset management perspective

  • Improving the quality of asset data by improving the structure
  • Involving the organization in improvement of asset structure through two paths
  • The challenge of missing common definitions of words and concepts


Thomas Böhm | Chief Data Scientist | KONUX

Applying AI and IIoT to improve network capacity, reliability, and cost-efficiency

  • Learnings from infrastructure managers across Europe and Asia on realizing the potential of Predictive Maintenance for turnouts
  • Live demo of the KONUX system


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End of Virtual Workshop


To watch the recorded version of the virtual workshop, please register here:


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