Optimising the IoT to Exploit Smart Asset Data to Improve Network Availability, Extend Asset Lifetime and Reduce Costs

Despite the promise of digital and predictive maintenance strategies, many Railways continue to delay investing in them as it is difficult to shift from traditional, scheduled maintenance to a predictive model in one leap. However, for those who have adopted to cloud-based IoT and Big Data technologies, it enables them to develop predictive algorithms from heterogeneous data sources, realtime communications, and scalable data structures. This virtual workshop will demonstrate those Railways who have embraced the digital change, enabling them to exploit smart data to achieve rapid insights from disparate sources of information to help improve asset availability and service levels, reduce service delays due to unplanned outages, and implement smarter maintenance strategies.

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Meet the speakers



Ben Holliday | Managing Director | Rotaia Media
& Daniel MacGregor | Co-Founder | Nexxiot

Organisor and Moderator’s Welcome


Stefan Leistner | Head of Analytics & Asset Management | DB Netz

Maintenance Strategy at DB Netz AG

  • Current goals and challenges for the German rail infrastructure
  • Condition based maintenance with data platform DIANA
  • Predictive Maintenance – forecasting breakdowns of railroad crossings
DB Netze


Krzysztof Wilczek | Head of Track Analytics | Plasser & Theurer

Using technologies to improve track maintenance

  • Using Artificial Intelligence can automate repetitive tasks on tamping machines, reduce the risk of damage and increase the quality of work
  • Measuring absolute track geometry at 100 km/h is a "game changer" in the management of railways' most valuable assets
  • Processing Big Data enables employees to gain insights offsite, to ensure safety, and to increase track capacity
plasser and theurer


Roland Moser | Chief Technology Officer | SBB Infrastructure

Translating IoT into real use cases – three applications how SBB captures the opportunities of IoT

  • Smart construction switch to improve safety and processes.
  • Location information of different assets such as rolling stock and construction equipment to reduce costs and failures as well as to optimize processes.
  • Lighting control for 135’000 lighting points to realize energy savings and extend asset lifetime


Edward Clark | Product Specialist and Solutions Consultant | Copperleaf

Value-based Decision Making: a Best Practice of ISO 55000 for the Rail industry

  • Consistently and fully assess the benefits of any project or investment—based on economics, risk and customer benefits
  • Align decision making to your company's evolving strategic objectives
  • Identify the optimal set of investments, alternatives, and timing that will deliver the greatest value while respecting all constraints


Thymo van den Brug | Manager of Development, Asset Management Information | ProRail

The ProRail strategy and challenges to become a Datadriven Railway Operator

  • The ProRail vision on Datadriven way of working
  • I will zoom in on 1. collecting data and 2, usage data in the business
  • The challenges we experience with implementing the new way of working


Open Discussion Between All Speakers


End of Virtual Workshop


To watch the recorded version of the virtual workshop, please register here:


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